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Ive returned after about 5ish years and i wanna start from scratch to get used to everything again, my question is: is the leveling still all the same, camp and grind? or are there more streamlined ways to level nowadays? Thanks in advance, have a wonderful day.


  • Levelling is super easy you get adequate free gear at 50 from the. King and bounty point quests can get you any item for a temp you want
    To level go to the battlegrounds and do the xo quests you can easy get a toon to 50 in a day and welcome back to still a great game apart from population.
  • BG quests, town quests, and/or dungeon quests is the quickest way to level
  • Do the quests in BGs. Once you get level 30, go and talk to Destin (i think) in Oceanus and get the quests from 2-3 people around Oceanus Hesperos. Repeat the Wisconna's research again and again (its where you collect treasure chests at the bottom of the ocean outside of Hesperos. Do this until about lvl 36-38ish then go to Molvik and finish up in the BGs until 50. You can buy gear in the BGs with the bounty points you get for completing the quests so you wil always have adequate gear.

    Once you get to 50 get the Bugganes buff from Godrborg and go farm BPs by doing the old ToA glass quests (now give BPs and repeatable weekly thereafter). After that start using Bountycraft to make your items for your template
  • thanks everyone for the answers, very much appreciated!
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    To be honest, the fastest way to level is as follows:

    1. Opening realms 1-10 progression area: Complete this and port out to your opening town.
    2. Complete all town quests from level 10-30. Yes, town quests will level you FASTER than BG quests, especially if solo. There is an even faster way to level using the dungeons at varying levels but you run into certain dungeon mobs not being "up" when needed to complete your leveling progression and this slows you down and forces you to find another way to level.
    3. At level 30, go to Oceanus and do the chest quest until level 38. At level 38, do all 4 of the Oceanus quests and by the end you'll be level 39.

    *NOTE*: Don't forget to /rp off and /xp off if you're on a PAID account once you hit level 39 and want to stay in Molvik. Endless Conquest (EC) Accounts do not have the option to /xp or rp off.

    The above is the fastest way to MOLVIK. If you want to continue progressing through until level 50, my suggestion would be to converse with other Guild/Alliance members as there are hundreds of ways to "power level" once you get past Molvik. Based on your resources and available play time, you'll hit level 50 anywhere from 2hrs to 2 days once you leave Molvik, on average.

    Hopefully the above helps and Welcome Back!
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