Been Gone for AWHILE! Need some guidance.

I remember having SC calculators and spreadsheets for crafting. I've been gone for a while...
Any suggestions on where I can find these types of things to get me back into the groove of things? Also, I'm on Ywain1 - Hib. Any guilds accepting returning players looking to get back into the game and willing to help me understand what all has changed?


  • Get the latest version of gearbunny.
    Da ant family - 1801, 1802, 1805, 1809 - Da fly family - 4501, 4502, 4503, 4509 - Da spider family - 442, 444, 445, 447
    Check out the trophy collection on Ywain 1. Mid - Carlingford / Hib - Tullamore / Alb - Dalton
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