Appeal Process needs a better update

Depending on the que and timing you should be able to give some kind of information when running 2 accounts that you are a main on another account since people run mojo and other programs. I just have 3 screens up at once right now.

My bug that I am having is I thought I bought 2 cursed items to drop my 500k bounty points down before Curse today with Amur.
I ported went thru the whole thing and caught it at 5 that I was still sitting at 500k. I've never had this problem before on all my characters.
His rank is 1l7. I get that message when trying to buy 1 item at a time. I feel the game expects you to be higher rank than 1. Therefore I cant buy anything. Can anyone confirm? I just dusted this guy off after a few years of not being played.

Otherwise i have to sit at my keyboard not doing anything semi afk waiting on a csr to come contact and clear my problem w/o looking into it, which is bad business. (been thru this today and can give the CSRs name but not going for the flame- I did note it on the 2nd appeal.)


  • A follow up. I also deleted the 2 speed of the hunt items in my vault in case that would cause a conflict and still no luck. I will log off and on and maybe that will refresh.
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    Buy 1 at a time. I think its a bug when you try to buy multiples
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  • After conversing with amur about this he said years ago it was a carry policy then changed to a buy policy more recently. So we decided to test it. I followed him around and finally hit rank 2. and then the problem fixed itself. The wording at rank 2 became "buy" unlike rank 1 was "carry".

    Thanks Amur for the help.
  • The appeals process does need some help.

    If it’s any consolation this is rooted in a mechanic from old frontiers.

    Before alchemists, there were/are bounty point heal “orbs,” and this limitation was a way to granting people to buy/carry more of them with rank. Should probably be removed.
  • I still use thoses items and yes if you are rr 1 and have one of those items in your inventory it wont let you buy any other item that cost bps if same if your rr5 and have five off the thoses orb pots
  • I have no idea what you wrote. Maybe if you had issues its because they don't know either. Just guessing.
  • Well Lff the post was somewhat in frustration with the appeal process and the problem at hand which amur and I figured out for them. The CSR wasn't any help after the 3rd time.

    The first problem we had was communicating to each other. Alot of people run multiple accounts this day and age of LIVE and if you have an issue on 1 account and would like to get it fixed then there should be in the appeal process somehow of leaving a note like "I will be active on account #1 if you try to reach me on account #2. Not, stay logged in and do nothing on account #2 until a CSR can get thru their que to you.This is where we kept missing each other.
    The above post apparently was from a very old character that was char copied over and him being archived and all he wasn't fully updated. This meant he couldn't just BUY 1 item at a time- he could only HOLD one item. I had spoke with Carol and she suggested to put the 2 items I had in my vault and it didn't work. Then I deleted the 2 Speed of The Hunt gems and that didn't matter and still couldn't buy anything. Amur saw my post and offered to try out the last trick and get him to rank 2 and see if that would clear the bug and it did.
    Incase anyone has these issues you know how to fix it w/o bothering a csr.
  • Here’s the bug website for any other issues you find.
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