Alchemy Earning Potential?

Hey everyone, I'm a returning player after a long time away and I was wondering what kinds of alchemy crafts are in demand, or what's the best way to make money with the craft?

Thank you!


  • Invigpots, healpots, Nereid, regen pots, OW alchemy recipes and the occasional reproc i guess.
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    sup pot, celerity, restoration

    But you need essences for these, which you get in OW or in frontiers.
    And you also need the material from the dungeon.
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  • Alchemy drops in Spind, Barrows, and Coruscating Mines.
  • These drops are also used for in Bountycrafting
  • I just re-subbed this week and loaded my merchant with cauldrons/draughts of sup/celerity/rest and have made over 200p this week. I need to farm for components to keep it up.
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    Alchemy drops in Spind, Barrows, and Coruscating Mines.

    Also the dragon zones, and they are almost never camped. Raumarik, and I assume the Alb/Hib equivalents do as well.

    Also, to the OP, level up your Spellcrafting as well, because more people are “looking for SCer”, than any other craft, and then AFTER you SC them, they usually ask about procs, so then you can make money with Alchemy as well.

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  • I think the drop rates/mob spawn have been lowered since BC became a thing as they added those drops to the BP merchant.
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