Seems like people think the new people came because of lockdown pool

Did you join because of the lock down?
  1. Did you join because of lock down18 votes
    1. Yes
    2. I was joining anyways
    3. No


  • what means join?
    I think more people log in bec of lockdown.
    And some more people are new or returning.

    What do you think the reason for higher pop is?
  • Don't forget the bonus to realm points. We know very well this has a positive effect on population/action. The problem is we have no idea what the negative effects are.
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    I joined because I was looking for a replacement for everquest, and heroes of the storm. I have no idea why any one else joined, I dont want to speak for anyone, that's why I put the poll. It just coincided with this lock down.
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    The options in this poll should be redone:,
    You can answer No if you have not joined at all.
    You can answer No if you were playing before the pandemic.
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  • The bonus is up bec. of Corona too, i think.
  • I wouldn’t know, was playing already. lol
  • I personally know 3 people who came back only because of the corona virus. they are stuck at home bored.
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