Midgard: Otherworldly Campaign 0-10 Tuesday 4th February 2020

On Tuesday, 4. February 2020
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Hi all,

I'll be leading a Otherworlds Campaign 0-10 on Tuesday 4th February 2020

Starting at: 21:00 / 20:00PM UK / 15:00PM CET / 14:00PM PST / 12:00PM PST

BG leader: Solic

How to start the Campaign?
1. Travel to the King Eirik's throne room in Jordheim
2. Speak with Athr Hassetti Theyr in the throne room and you'll obtain a quest: [Jotun]: Eerily Quiet
3. Speak to the channeler and port to [Gotar]
4. Speak with Stable Master Eryklan and buy a griffin ticket to Galplen
4. Travel inside the town at Galplen and speak to Crelam,( He will have a blue DAoC knot over his head to indicate his location).
5. Speak with Stables Master Trefiun and get a ticket to West Skona.
6. travel west on foot into Vanern Swamp to find Arin Snowtouch (Loc 32066, 45672)
7. Speak to Arin Snowtouch (Raid begins here)

1. Please listen to bg leader (Yellow text)
2. No afking or you will be left behind
3. Anyone that goes link dead will have 1 minute to renter game.
4. Anyone that runs ahead or sidetracks the bg will be removed from the battlegroup and banned from future raids

See you there

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