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Looking to get any idea on the fastest easiest method to account recovery. I have had this account recovered within the last 2-3 years & I have the mythic account linked to an EA account at some point during that time. I no longer have access to the email (Not even sure which one it is) and can't figure out the password / email combo. I have pretty much a **** memory but I do have memory of almost everything I had on my ACTUAL DAoC account. Does this help me in the recovery process at all? Or am I going to need to contact EA with EA account credentials that I most likely wont remember?


  • You can contact EA but your chances are slim. The "I can't access my email any longer but still know my character names" is a very common scam, so I am not sure if that helps at all. But if any you will definitely need personal support to get that fixed.

    My personal advice: make one google email for games. Google is not going to vanish anytime soon, and they offer various ways to recover your account if you lost it.
  • secret words, credit card #s, old CD keys... i think there are various bits of information that can help recover accounts
  • Carol got mine back for me a coupla yrs back.
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    When I restored my account many years ago through this process:
    > use the "contact Broadsword directly" part on top of the guide to get a Formular by the CSR to fill in Details.
    I only remembered some names from my toons, the server/Realm/Guild, of course my name & date of birth, because i was convinced that i had not entered a fake name when i created the account.
    I was not sure about the e-mail-adress, but i told them that i think it was (put in yours ;))
    all in all, 2 days later i received a e-mail where i was told they put in my new e-mail-adress and i can choose a new password and it all worked.
    So i can only recommend you to just follow the mentioned link and type in all informations you still know.
    Think also about the details @CDFTW said, all is helpfull for the CSR's.

    Good luck to you!
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