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10 seconds between /says? Why do you hate people who can type fast? It's not like 10 second delay would have stopped sengwu from spamming all day. Slingpoo had nothing better to do and clearly had a few wires crossed. Could you at least reduce it to 5 seconds

As always #removestealth


  • Agreed why are we limiting paying Subs ability to speak in /region after 18 years?
  • Agreed. There is not that much communication that we need a timer :p
  • I think it’s pretty silly if you ask, is not like we are in a freeshard and they have to actually put people in slow mode? C’mon this has gotten way too far. And no explanation why as always.
  • They probably did it because they were anticipating a huge boost in population which didn't happen. Numbers doubled though which is nice.
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  • Right well there was no timer when there were 1k people on at a time we don't need it for 150
  • The fact that they have put limits and made the playing experience WORSE in some cases for PAYING subs is beyond dumb.
  • 10 seconds is nothing... I have to wait 1:30. Quit being snowflakes
  • Armagedden wrote: »
    10 seconds is nothing... I have to wait 1:30. Quit being snowflakes

    quit being cheap and you can wait 10 seconds too.
  • 4 out of the 5 hamsters died.
  • which hamsters?
  • The ones running the servers
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