Tried out the game again after 12 years.

I seriously would only consider resubbing if there was a complete UI overhaul. The UI was almost 5 years out of date back in the day, but it's absolutely baffling and cryptic today. It needs massive streamlining and complete redo for 1080p and higher resolutions. I remember playing the game back in 2004, bad frame rate, 800x600. An engine overhaul to make the game load smoothly would help too.

Shouldn't need to have a box of plaintext buttons on the screen to use any functions. The graphics are fine even though they're outdated, it's still charming... But having to play around with stuff for 10 minutes to do simple things is too cryptic and frustrating for a game that charges a nice chunk of change for a sub to play in 2019.


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    I don't disagree with you but there are numerous custom UIs available to help with the dated look. Some can be found on these boards while others can be found on post count.
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  • Im using bob ui and i love it
  • The 'new' icons look like someone threw up a bowl of lucky charms on the screen. Get BobUi as it has all options available from the various custom UIs. I'm not saying it isn't a pain at first but it is more satisfying.
  • Yep a new UI would be nice, sure there are some out there, but this dont means they cant put something new in the base game.
    And we need Ultrawide support, cant be true that people have an disadvantage or need to play on lower resulutions.
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  • Well I was already a mature (age-wise at least) adult when I started playing and I have to tell you: my eyesight has not improved. And now I use a 4K monitor for working at home and the font sizes on the UI are painful. I agree the UI needs an overhaul. I use Ghost UI and even though it looks much better than default, it does not increase the size of icons and fonts.

    tl;dr: Make fonts/icons big plzkthxbye
  • Broadsword needs to outsource this to the community better. Let me explain, currently you can mash some stuff together and get a UI but there are so many limits, so much undocumented, and they brake anything more complected then changed a bars color every "major" (even when they are minor) patch. if they gave a API, and some good hooks, started on a sample one that they continue to update and mediate comunity changes though forks and merges on git or something, im sure we would have a function "modern UI" in about a year (how many of daocs player base are programmers, as the median age is higher then most games im guess a few that would be willing to contribute?).
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    Im using bob ui and i love it

    Bobs UI just makes the game exit when I load my character. :neutral:

  • You've got some options clicked that shouldn't be. Try a reinstall then do a few changes at a time.
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    You need to open , electronic arts/dark age of camelot/ui/and put your custom folder there . Then open the folder and double click on the option chooser . You can choose many option there
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    Open atlantis folder , copy the file key_config , return in the custom ui and paste the file there . That should work perfectly , good luck
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    Open atlantis folder , copy the file key_config , return in the custom ui and paste the file there . That should work perfectly , good luck
    nope oh well
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    Hellblast wrote: »
    Im using bob ui and i love it

    Bobs UI just makes the game exit when I load my character. :neutral:

    An updated version can be found here:

    If you find options that don't work or cause a crash let me know and I'll try to fix them.

    No one should be using BobsUI downloaded from his original site, it's just too far out of date.
  • Yay that worked! Just using defaults for now. Looks a lot better and it much more readable.
  • The old one didnt work for me either, the new one works. Ty!
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    I would have to agree with the OP. I just got the email for the new promotion. I download the game and logged in with one of my old characters was kind of like why bother? Too many limitations. I couldn't even access my level 24 characters for battleground fun.

    The gui is so outdated and is just like it was so many years ago...I had to reconfigure so much just to make things playable. I always used Bobs in the past but the original game should really be made more modern, I shouldn't have to muck with so much just to have a playable experience.

    With the limitations of this new promotion there isn't anything compelling to keep me here. And why pay for a sub when the game is free on the private servers with probably more healthy pops. One right now has almost 1200 live players. This game is dated, old, small populations...$14.95 is asking a lot for a subscription when private servers charge nothing. Drop the game down to $4.99 a month, make so sensible gui updates, and you might get some decent numbers back.
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  • Game isnt the same on other servers.
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    $14.95 is asking a lot for a subscription when private servers charge nothing.

    You get what you pay for, and private servers are not likely to be here tomorrow. Is your time valuable? I know mine is. If I want to play a character and invest time into it, I know it's worth it to pay the monthly fee because a year from now, two years from now that same character I poured all my time and love will still be around, while private servers come and go on a whim.

    I know a number of people finding this out the hard way and coming back to live after being led astray.
  • Well I'm disabled and live on a shoestring budget. Not gonna pay the same for this as World of Warcraft. Hell I remember when this game was $5 less per month than WoW. If they had kept up technically and had updated the engine a bit to keep it working well on newer hardware without all the hiccups, then updated and overhauled the abstruse UI, might be worth it.
  • It's unplayable at 4k but then it's an 18 year old game so to be expected, if you drop it to 2k then it's fine. You can also get various custom UIs to improve the basic functionality.

    As for the game itself, people keep saying how easy it is to get up to speed, so I have subbed 3 accounts and I am going to give it a month to find out, 3-4 year old top-end at the time template at the moment.

    As for population, from a few random /whos (EU evening) on HIb and Alb the numbers aren't looking great so far.

    I had an email telling me about account changes, which didn't tell me a lot else. If I hadn't been semi-following the DAOC news I wouldn't have known what it was about and would have skipped it. BS need to be a bit more focused on their marketing emails, get the word out. Email title "DAOC now free to play"

    It's concerning that it's taken them a year for this. Possibly a little early to judge but I am afraid it's not looking good and probably kills any chances of a classic server, which they should have done instead of a limited free to play option.
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