More classes for EC accounts

I think you should add some more classes to EC accounts to make it more attractive. 5 is very little. For example in hib...3 supports and 2 dps. Maybe all classic classes and races. I talked to some people and first thing they said is, there are too few classes. Thats the only point i see that could make EC not so attractive.


  • I second this motion and have expressed my concern regarding this very point.
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  • Agreed with you guys .
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    Long as they aren't allowed to play stealther for free I don't mind them having access to rest
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  • i agree. outside of stealth let every class be available.

  • the amount of classes playable by the ED accounts seems very limited indeed. one or two more classes wouldn't hurt mho
    Stor Hurfru Muylasav, wildly swinging arms around. Vicomte Muylock, calling curses on enemies. Baronet Muylaetrix, calling upon winter storms. Baronet Muylaetrex, Undead guy. some other chars with names starting with Muyl.
  • I agree let them play all classic toons no SI

  • Eh, I guess I am in the minority here but I disagree.

    Why pay for the cow when you can get the milk for free?

    I could see maybe a large Mithril shop purchase for classes or something but not given for free. BS still needs to make money, if they give everything away that’s less revenue, this is a business. EC is to draw players back while hopefully converting some to subscriptions while keeping the others around in a limited status.

    Just my thoughts
  • Why pay for the cow when you can get the milk for free?

    Because there are other cows offering better milk for free, plus they let me play a heavy tank, if you catch my meaning
  • The question is if you will draw many players back, with just 5 classes. If players are back, maybe they subscribe. If they not back, they wont subscribe.

    You still cant buy a house, and cant craft on EC accounts. And other stuff...
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    It’s a real shame because I was looking at returning but I really wanted to play my fire wizzy (rr2) and my scout (rr2-3) from the classic servers. However I can’t for EC because those favorite toons of mine don’t have enough/playedtime

    I would of thought it would of been in their best interest for us to play those toons and reinvest and upsell us.

    I know I can’t reroll as a fire wiz in EC. However not sure now if I want to spend the time leveling up right now just for that, get those items etc.

    My toons I can play are all “toa” era accounts farming scrolling...
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  • Kelrahan wrote: »
    Why pay for the cow when you can get the milk for free?

    Because there are other cows offering better milk for free, plus they let me play a heavy tank, if you catch my meaning

    I have to agree with this. While EC was a good idea on paper at this point it is a major failure. When it was first announced they said you were going to be able to play all the core components of DAoC. Then they came up and added the with some restrictions tag.

    If they want to limit the ability for free to play EC to play stealth classes I'm ok with that. But they should allow those players to play all the core race / class options. And by this I mean all races and classes that were present in the game when it launched. They can leave all the races and classes that were part of expansions for those who sub to the game. Or they can add the ability to unlock a race / class through the cash shop. This has been done in other F2P games and it works.

    They also need to remove any and all RP / RA restrictions on EC players. RvR was the main selling point for playing DAoC. No player should have to play in RvR at a disadvantage to anyone else in the player base just because they are not a sub. They also need to remove the crafting restrictions. Not only is crafting a core part of the game. It is one way for players to make money. Or if they are so inclined to make their own gear. But making money is the big thing here. DAoC has a highly inflated economy over the years. Without a good way of making money new players won't be able to afford the gear needed for templates.

    And for me there is one big point of failure in all of this. They should of made a fresh server for everyone to start on. New players that have never played the game before or those that just can't get into their old accounts are way behind the eight ball / power curve. You are never going to be able to compete with veteran players that are high ranked RR with fully templated characters. They should of given everyone the chance to start on an even playing field to level up and fight together.

    All in all I think EC was a good idea. They needed something to bring attention to a dying game. But it was horribly implemented. Some are going to leave when they see that the populations still are not good. Others or new players are going to leave when they see there is no way to compete with high ranking players and groups out there in RvR. I logged on and played a fresh toon last night and checked on numbers. While they are up from where they were the numbers on **** were just as good. If things stay the way they are in 2-3 months this game will be dead again. There is no reason to play here when there are better free options out there.
  • "They" literally only get one single shot to make EC/f2p successful. People will come back love it or leave it and never look back.

    IMO from a business finance perspective it makes sense that the items in the Cash shop are reasonably priced and you will get essentially the cost of a sub out of people easily.

    Right now by slowing down CLxp, increasing ML1-10 to 450,000 bps it's very very obvious that you are attempting to force people to pay for items in the Mithiril shop.

    This directly effects paying subs as well because now it will take ALOT more time to run ML's and CL's and we are already paying our $15 USD/month.

  • I agree with most things.
    But I dont think you need crafting necessarily. There are other ways to make money. For example, do Curse 9-10, and sell the you 60p if your lucky.
    If EC accounts are allowed to do everything, there is no reason to subscribe.

    A good way for new players to start with RvR is in a BG. Herorius has a bg in hib every day, and i think on mid there is a bg too (rest i dont know yet).
  • Crossposted from Ywain:

    You're on a perpetual trial account and you more or less need to subscribe to experience the game properly. I don't think that's the play.

    Also, the race restriction is so far out in left field. I have a buddy that has an RM with < 7 days played, and it's an EC class (RM), but it's a Kobold, so I guess it can't?

    You have to make people want to subscribe with annoyances, not "welp, all those people returning to their toons they made a decade ago may or may not be SOL depending upon what random requirements they do or do not meet."

    Case in point, I LOVE the splash screen ad every time you log out. It doesn't gatekeep the game at all, but it's annoying as all hell.

    1. Remove all race, /played, and class requirements. Keep RR7 restriction.
    2. Keep housing entirely gated off except for CM.
    3. Prevent speed 6 mounts for EC accounts.
    4. Reduce RPs for EC accounts. Based on a buddy's experience last night in the same group, they already seem heavily neutered, so this is probably already a thing.
    5. You could literally tack on anything to #5 (and beyond) that is in the same line of thinking as the previous items.

    Way too much emphasis on new accounts (somehow, in 2019) when you HAVE to know that the bulk of the people checking out EC will have existing accounts with varying toons, races, and /played attributes.

    Right now, the model is "try it out, THEN sub" instead of "you can play for free, forever, if you'd like, but be prepared to deal with severely slowed progression and QoL annoyances." The former, IMO, is a mistake.
  • Paid accounts should have never had it's xp touched, it's a clear cash grab trying to force ppl to pay even more for what we had. Personally doesn't affect me as I have a 50 ml10 cl15 of mostly every class but for others it's bs
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  • I have alote of full template/money toons that i cant accest because i got EC account i came back for action not farming money ..they should atlest give us some time to move our money/templates out of this toons so we can remake them with the correct race with out having to get a new temp or farm money
  • I think the restrictions on the classes/races is silly. I would be fine with letting people play what they want. The EC model is missing too much as far as class.race goes. Also having to wait 6months to play for free is silly, what if im brand new make and account want to check out what i get if i pay and decide free is good for me? I cant play again for 6 months o.O
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    It’s a real shame because I was looking at returning but I really wanted to play my fire wizzy (rr2) and my scout (rr2-3) from the classic servers. However I can’t for EC because those favorite toons of mine don’t have enough/playedtime....

    My toons I can play are all “toa” era accounts farming scrolling...
    If this is your objection I mean. It will take you even on EC what, one day of solid play to get your TOA era scout.wiz to R3. Get the kings gear and join the nightly BG. Done.

    This is more general to some of the complaints about the 7 day played restrictions, but I just realized I had 5 chars on ywain7 I hadn't remembered for the past 4-5 years. Of the five only 2 were r3+ and both of those were at 8 and 12 days played. And I still completely forgot about them. I just have a hard time believing people are so invested in playing a particular toon with less than 7 days play time that hasn't logged in in years.
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    its not really an investment but i want the option of playing the toons i had + ive lost like 6 full templates + 200p gold 500p+ gold if u count me selling all the templates/items...i came back to the game to play the fun part not to start collecting items for temp and farming money for temp.I usually spend money on cosmetics in other games.EC should of fokused on cosmetics only not class/race/exp/rp/ml/cl restrictions
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    Already made my 2 cents on other topic, but you didn't lose anything, if you resub its there, and when you gathered those things FTP wasn't even an option. Most sub based game with FTP versions have class restrictions. I am far more happy if they want people to sub, then about things like RP potion for mithril whats already there (at least you can get it for bp too now), or if they made items sold for mithril.

    Generally in most FTP games you have to give it more effort for the cost of not paying for the service. If we want support, servers, etc, but want others pay for it, it's pretty normal to don't expect everything instantly. I would rather have an inconvenience as an EC player then lets say RR progression cap or no CL levels at all, which both was planned before they decided otherwise.
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  • True but most other sub based games that eventually went free to play didn't put these heavy of restrictions on things. Perfect example would be Everquest IMO. The game went F2P years ago. You can play any of the original base classes / races for free. If you want the other races or classes you can either sub to the game or pay for them. I'm not saying there shouldn't be any restrictions. But all the base classes and races should be available to play for EC and new players. Anything that was added after launch through an expansion or what not can be restricted. I'm even okay with F2P EC players not being able to play stealth classes.
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