SUPPORT... does it even exist? FIX THE (*^(*&%^(*)& SOUND ISSUE!

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Today 10/7 between 2:09 and 2:11 EST in Molv, standing there watching someone run a ram, sound just STOPS, in game only. No music, no background noise, no environmental sounds... everything STOPS working from a sound perspective. This is now a DAILY occurence. And in case there was background noise while you were reading that, I'll say it again. This game drops ALL WORKING SOUND DAILY! To resolve this lovely new 'feature'... I have to completely exit the game and log back on. Then it works again until some random star passes in front of some other ramdom star, then it STOPS WORKING AGAIN.

Region chat and others are also stating this is happening to them so I'm not the only player being affected by this issue... just as I know I'm not the only player STILL being affected by the 'disappearing' players, NPCs, siege equip, etc while actively playing the game.

So here's my question: Has DAOC confirmed there's a sound issue in this game and are they even attempting to address this issue?
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  • I haven't had the sound bug like this but I have had it where the oil bubbling sound keeps going long after leaving the oil level and it stays until I log or zone.
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  • Same , haven't had this bug . Maybe only happens in molvik ?
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