Heretic pulsing snare

Who think heretic pulsing area snare need to be single target snare only , or maybe reduce the 3 sec snare to 1 sec . Be honest guys .


  • It was 6 seconds when 1.125 went live, then they hot fixed it back to 3 seconds. Probably not going to change since players called it a nerf rather than a roll back. I'm in favor of reducing its range down to 1500 from 1750. At minimum, their instant snare should leave immunity. That's just my opinion.

    Honestly, paper DAoC doesn't matter.
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  • I just wish BS wpuld fix heretics so they can't ramp through walls
  • Oh yeah that a good points too Shoke , reducing range would be a good solution too Tyrantanic . 1750+ 10% range = 1925 range its crazy .
  • all the realms have their "overpowered" things

    maybe someone could take/waste their time and list them lol
  • You know TICs are op when 3/4 of rescues zerg are tics
  • KoeKoe
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    3/4 Rescu's BG might be tics, but 1/3rd of 8man "roam" groups off hours are necros. Flavor of the month isn't exactly a new thing.
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  • The aoe tic snare is ridiculous. Should have been nerfed forever ago. Single target, sure. There's no reason range should be above 1500??
  • I don't understand why people think the current ae ramp snare from the tic is fine.

    Range is screwed on it since you can get tic'd over 2k units away.
  • The range really is unreasonable, and the fact that it goes through walls is also not understandable.
  • I think bolt classes can still hit you if you were visible when bolt was cast and then you duck for cover.
  • I used to do that in the CKs in the battlegrounds back when I played my fire wizzy and void eldie
  • Screw tic snare period fix that crap
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