If you prefer and enjoy playing Classic DAoC...

I finally found a way for me to enjoy playing DAoC again. It's a place where RR is not a deciding factor in fights. Where there are no OP items, CL's or any ML's past ML3. Somewhere that templates aren't out of reach for the average player. You may have already guessed that i'm referring to the Leirvik Battleground! Leirvik has a great map that contains three towers and one CK for the three realms to battle over. The map is much smaller than NF which in turn makes for much faster action. There is action here for small groups and solo'rs alike, and maybe some 8 man action in the future (EC is arriving soon). I play on Midgard and have a small but very active guild in Leirvik. We welcome you to log into Leirvik and siege the towers and CK. We will be there to defend or retake them and even fight battles in the open field. There is action here and hopefully in a short time there might be even more action! So if you are like me, and really miss how fun DAoC used to be, then Leirvik just may be an option for you as well. Thanks for reading and I hope to see you on the Leirvik Battleground soon!


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