Darkspire items?

How can we get Darkspire items? If we cannot farm them shouldn't they be available on the traveling merchants? I need 2 Darkspire Mercurial Belts for templates incase anyone is willing to part with them.


  • You can port into Darkspire via an NPC (capital city) and pretty sure can purchase some of the items w/aurulite from NPC in the Curse dungeon in each realm
  • Thank you!
  • Do you happen to know the NPC name by chance?
  • There's an npc in the rift that sells darkspire items.
  • only jewelry but yeah, in every curse dungeon, where the cursed chest merchant is, is a darkspire LEGACY merchant nearby. for armor/weapns you gotta port and farm though. they claimed they include all darkspire items but that statement is older than 1 year already again. i wouldn't hope for it.
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