Dynamic Keep Objectives - Feedback Poll

I found this poll linked inside of the July newsletter. Figured that it was worth posting here for more exposure. Also any chance we can get items like this blasted out via social media for a more robust "feedback"?




  • They are and have been - thanks Fateboi!
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  • I found the link buried inside of the newsletter. Facebook has the link to the newsletter not a seaperate post pushing the poll.

    Why not actively team up with the few streamers you have and get them to even mention it. Also what about PC people still play there or recently played.
    Social media needs an overhaul missing a lot of opportunities. It’s 2K19 someone should be active everywhere.
  • It's not even out a week and it'll get posted on fb and social media in due course - like previous polls have.
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    Broadsword Online Games
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