Enable crit/resist/miss/defence % in combat logs

It's incredibly useful information for everyone and due to it being hidden on live the only way to find out is to do 100000 round combat log swing analysis for each individual subject, which sucks, and then can be kept private instead of shared.
  1. Enable crit/resist/miss/defence % in combat logs22 votes
    1. Yes
    2. No


  • Can't they just add these percentages to your stat window? I am not sure if displaying in the log would be that helpful...but if this is the only way it can happen then I still am all about it.
  • how can they show these %'s in your stat window? none of the values are fixed, they all change depending on 1000 different factors for each hit/spell/proc/miss/resist/attackers etc
  • That was definitely one of the better features of that other place. Really helpful when trying to evaluate specs and RAs and just stuff in general.
  • @Callofduty I'm referring to your personal base defense, crit, hit %, evade/block/party. I don't expect dynamic values based off who your target is but just round about numbers like what Charplan gives you.
  • I voted no only because I am sure it will cause some lag issues in adding more info somehow even tho I’d like it
  • and all the different toa bonuses
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    If a freeshard running on a server in a german basement can do it, I think BS can do it too ;)
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