Nostaligia, video!

I just realized tonight after how many years, that in the games hayday when I was playing making videos w friends we NEVER used the song we played EVERY night before we left Sauvage to 8 man. STAYIN ALIVE! It became our iconic song because one night were literally caught in the middle of all 3 zergs running for our lives and that song came on! IT WAS EPIC! Miss those guys. Creeps N Deeps


  • Oh and, before the final nail enters the coffin, i am respectfully requesting a ROLLBACK to release. Kings gear /level'd 50's
  • Or just naked rvr, i'm torn, maybe a vote, or incorporate both.
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    Nah, that’s the problem with you people. You stuck on some ish where you use to fit in. Make new friends move on, everyone on live already did, or are at least trying.
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  • Oh yea? Good action at all hours for all types of play? Solo’ers galore “grouping” to take out 8 man action, running from zergs at all directions? No running around for long periods w/o seeing red?!???!?
  • Anyone have any idea what ever happened to Everquest? I never played that game once, amazingly, but I heard a lot of stories from ppl I played DAoC with. Is the original gaming crack still around?
  • Last I knew, yes
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