In response to the Grab Bag 05/24/2019

In regards to this Q&A in the latest Grab-Bag:
Would it be possible to get some of the old trophies from the roundtables added in some way? Maybe the bp merchant? There was a gargoyle, marble table, and a playing card wall decoration from the Las Vegas and Virginia roundtables.

If we do decide to make these trophies available again, we would do so in a way that maintains their rarity.

We’re not quite convinced that selling them for bounty points (or possibly even Mithril) would achieve that, but would love to hear some more feedback on this!

From what I was able to research on the way back machine, these items were given 12+ years ago as well as the 13th Anniversary Tapestry which is no longer available even to old accounts. I would prefer that these were monetized with mithril, put a high price on them but let them be available. As for the 'Maintaining rarity'. These items are only viewable in a players house and as such its rarity is in the eye of the beholder. Personally, I would just like to be able to purchase them for my Daoc house because the tapestry and marble table look great.

It would be a great way to add extra funding to Daoc while increasing player enjoyment. It truly baffles me how you guys keep the game going when the current income cannot be great. I believe there would be many of us willing to spend money on extras to support Daoc further. Daoc is sub based (Until endless conquest) certainly. Yet we aren't being given extra avenues to support what we enjoy playing. Possible things for players to spend extra on:

1. These furniture items on the Mithril vendor.
2. Any unused past armor/item appearances on the Mithril vendor as purchasable scrolls of the appearance.
3. A way we can pay to have our account flagged for Darkness Rising preorder mount armor - Or that mount armor on the Mithril Vendor.


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    Path of Exile has a ton of items for “housing” on their Cash shop and I’ve spent on avg 30-60$ every six months there.

    Seems like a good idea tbh don’t let “what you think” stand in the way of business imo.

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  • No no no. Bring them back. But do not require real life money.
    It is already a sin that real life cash is required to repair certain items that were once free to replace/repair.
    We already pay a monthly sub that is equivalent to newer games that have much more content update and in game support.
    We all love Daoc. It is why we are here, and it is still going. But some of these changes are just slaps in the face or punishment to those that have loyally been here from the beginning, as well as players trying it out for the first time.
    If people want to spend their real life money on stuff, great. But, it should not the be the only way the game provides it.
    If you want to make current players happy, and be more attractive to new players, multiple options are the key.
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