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I've reactivated one of my accounts today after [edited] not playing DAoC in any form for years, and I forgot how much I used to love this game. I have a few questions, though :smile:

1) Is there any way to see what servers I have characters on without manually clicking each one? I've gone through the Ywain servers, and I *think* I transferred all my characters off the original servers years ago, but it would be nice to find out without having to log onto all those old ones.

2) How's the population these days? I just logged off and only 66 lvl 50s in Alb. [edited]

3) Is there an account vault to transfer items between characters on same account/realm?

4) Is there a way to transfer plat between characters on the same account/realm?

5) How does a low RR character go about getting RPs going up against a server full of super high RR characters?

6) I'm sure my gear is super obsolete (combo of crafted sigil/dragonsworn and artis, named jewelry etc from ML mobs). What's the meta now?

Any answers or tips that I haven't thought of would be appreciated :smiley:

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  • You can select the retired servers option when on the server selection screen
  • 1.) Contact and provide them with your account name. They will give you a list of all characters on each server. You may need to provide them with additional information.

    2.) The population is lower than where you likely came from. However, the population has remained steady over the past few months. A free-to-play version of DAoC (Endless Conquest) is slated to be released this year to address the low population.

    3.) At the moment, there is no account wide vault to transfer items/money between characters on the same account. Transferring items between characters can be accomplished by using house vaults.

    4.) Transferring money will require another live player (or bot account).

    5.) There is a RP/BP/Coin buff that can be obtained from Buggane's Obelisk on Ellan Vannin (old Agramon island) that gives 75% bonus from RR1L1 to 3L9, 50% from 4L0 to 5L9, 25% from 6L0 to 7L9, and 15% above 8L0. You can also obtain this buff from the new solo areas in Hadrian's Wall, Emain Macha, and Odin's Gate near the old merchant keeps; however, you need to be solo for it to remain active.

    6.) Much has changed regarding equipment. The new end-tier items are from the Otherworldly (OW) and Cursed Dragon (Curse) campaigns. You can find people doing small raids for both campaigns on the official discord server. Every level 50 character gets a free epic armor set (King's gear) and free jewelry to minimally cap your stats and resists. However, you will want to work on making an updated template using the end-tier items from the aforementioned campaigns. is a good reference for current templates.

    A slew of guides can be found here: Check out the official discord server for any additional questions you may have.

    Welcome back.
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  • Thanks!

    What the Hell did they do to Necros? lol
    Are they still the main Alb farming class with a bot?
  • Yes they did and yes they still can, especially in Barrows. It’s a little bit slower after a slight nerf, but mine did CL1-15 in less than 2 hours
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