Why we leave

For years, Anamists use Ground target exploits to bypass areas of the game and essentially cheat their way into victory.

Broadsword: "We have a solution, we will punish all the pet classes (except anamists)"

Minstrel with wall climb ability now climbs a wall to scope out an enemy keep- pet immediately dies.

In the meantime animists still using ground target exploit to put plant pets on keep roofs.

Solution is obviously the remove wall climb from minstrels.3roaxj6sskgf.jpg


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    Minstrel is one of the lower DPS classes 1-handed weapon and un spec’d shield. Are you upset that your Cabby pet is dying or animist can cast a pet on a ground target?

    Also how about the Hero zergs that climb the walls and are almost unkillable except for maybe lower RR Vamps.

    @John_Broadsword is talking about allowing Molvik style NPC camps to affect keep siege for a limited duration event coming soon to the NNNF near you
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  • inner oil level can not be defended during those times :)
  • They should have some of the corner towers with doors like the outer oil so the defenders can target the attackers support classes when the attackers scale the wall. The reason Hero is able to control the inner is because it is difficult to interrupt/attack all those healing classes.
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  • Not to mention banishees just spam pulse the outer oil and hit thru the walls and doors. Not a safe spot
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