Returning Player

I'm curious on just how long ago someone played that their account might be recovered/reactivated.

I last played perhaps a year or so after Gaheris was released. I've recently come back and begun playing there again, but would love to have my old account with all the goodies if it's still out there on some musty corner of a server.


  • Get on Discord and ask but I suspect that your characters are still quite available. :)
    Bumblebunny to the rescue !
  • No accounts or toons get removed, no matter how old :) Send an email to support with as much detail as you can remember about the account and they'll help you:

    Include as much as you know such as:
    • account name
    • secret word
    • email addresses used
    • toon names
    • server those toons were on
    • date of birth
    • address
    • payment methods

    Send what you can and they'll go from there :)

    Welcome back!
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  • I've tried the support email address but have gotten no reply- although I did not provide anywhere near that amount of information, and am not sure I could do so if required.

    Still, I hate to give up on multiple 50s, houses, nice goodies and the like, so I'll give it another shot. Thanks for the replies.
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