Ban me on discord cause of?!?

So the server crashes, type in main disco... get banned. Wow and I pay for this.. wow


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    Y’all like to think your the only daoc around, I understand. I pay so baning me is like making me log on to other games. Ya’ll got any brains you’d stop baninging people who create population and give me something for keeping people playing a game that has competition. But ya know what yall ban ban ban straight garbage.
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  • I muted a bunch for the spam (after I asked twice for it to stop) people were missing updates.

    It's temp I'll remove it shortly.
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  • Ok cause im like ill make the last 100 people quit, join me in some other world
  • Well for us with out discord whats going on with the servers please?
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  • Snaillyn talking like he is someone special /ponder...
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    No more special then you bruh.. i pay the same as you.. unless you in the free ish.. man @Corey117 special boy... we try...

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    Ok cause im like ill make the last 100 people quit
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