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Hey new here friend recommended the game .. got a 1 month subscription and have been trying for 2 days to get the game downloaded.. first day hit a patch error so would go out get back in , get a bit further then hit another patch error, so today did a complete uninstall reinstall, reset computer and tried again in admin mode. Yesterday wasn't in admin and there is a windows shield on the game login symbol , when I rt click the shield is beside , run as admin so thought id try that. Once again after a lot of hours download hit a patch error at 80% patch client was unable to retrieve the file at [base/unpacked/ff47b21d18cc6157]from the patch server.Please try the patch operation again in a short while. Yesterday I tried 5 times.


  • Most people don't these dates mate. Sorry to hear of your troubles
  • Have you tried contacting they might be able to help
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  • Some people still do these days mate. Try asking in the support forum. It is possible an antivirus program (or a strict firewall setting) could hinder an install and this is what first came into my mind reading your post. Good luck, and hope to see you out there!
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    Takes like a week to even get a response from support@ darkageofcamelot... Do what thjo stated post in support forums our mods here are pretty quick on a response.
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    Sounds like it could be windows firewall or your anti virus might need to add it as an exception
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  • i sent a message to support and got a response.. I tried shutting down firewalls, tried allowing in the fire walls, tried uninstall reinstall and everything else they suggested that I could wrap my not to computer literate mind around... no luck yet .. I keep restarting and its chewing down the mb below 450 on the mythic patch page , but still get error every few %. Tried posting on the support on the forums 3 min after I did this post and got 0 response.. this was the only response I got to posts.
  • ok I tried again.. cant get any response in the support forum but it seems that it is stalling out same point every time, says on the dl bar zones/zones 201/txt201.mpk 3821kb/3821kb but then it switches and says null 3821 and then I get the patch error
  • Hello.

    if you dont have winrar : - 4gb archive.

  • @spazzydog did you ever figure it out
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