Jord CTD has gotten worse

This very well documented ctd has gotten worse for me. Before you could enter the crash room via stable side aka statues and wouldn’t crash. Now no matter which way I enter it crashes me to desktop.


  • I also experience this more frequently in TNN when walking up to the Teleport NPC from the throne room.
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  • Yup...can't even go into the room with the teleporters or I auto crash. Not once in while but every time now.
  • I don't use the teleporter in tnn much anymore due to crashes, after I'm done in the throne room I just use personal bind or guild port stone to get out.
  • Foil hat cures all, ffs
  • Foil hat cures all, ffs

    and then everyone can use the SI main towns instead!
  • it seems to have been resolved afaik...
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