NO MORE EJ(Mendalin)

Please no longer associate Mendalin with EJ. Will be rocking a new group/guild since EJ's leader is too self centered. If you're still in it you're more than welcome to run with us just send me a tell. Also don't be afraid to xfer guilds as we will most likely be holding most of Mid rps now :) toodles ;)


  • You realize nobody knows who you are anyways so not sure how this required a post? Would it not have went better in the other previous posts about ej drama? Not sure how insulting your old gm on a forum makes sense over what seems like an internal problem either. If ej dies can we take jeni off waivers just to fight your group? We will even just sit her under a speedwarp and see if you can kill her before we wipe your group? I along with many others would find this more appealing then reading anymore posts of the nature tbh.
  • This really isn’t the place to post a message like this.
  • Lol'n hard
  • Don’t trip who I am ;)
  • People that matter only need to see this
  • All 6 of them?
  • Yep the 6 group leads that I fight every night
  • Feel free to setup anytime always need more action
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