Returning player. everything has changed.

Alright, folks. I have been talking to few people about my Shadowblade and I hope there is salvation in sight.
My template is old but I wonder if it can still be viable to play just for nostalgia.
I don't even have to be "good" I just want to know what to spec in now that envenom is a new thing...
I may post items depending on feedback.
Oh and I don't ave anywhere near enough plat to buy anything new. (6 plat total)
Thanks in advance!


  • Welcome back! When it comes to stealther play, it's really whoever has the more skill. Being templated works but the free gear at 50 plus a lot of skill will always win over the best temp and some skill. There are new raids ingame that will allow you to get hundreds of plat now so you'll quickly gain plat as long as you play.
  • I just started again too. What free gear you talking about lol. Have a RR11 sb I want to play again.
  • I was so confused when I went to respec and saw the lifebane in my bags was level 99
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