give friars crush spec

they can already choose a one handed CL weapon, equip a small shield and very often will use this set up when just healing. giving them access to crush spec allows for better implementation of this playstyle.


  • I don't see the necessity. Dev efforts should be focused on fixing current bugs and enhancing the games performance. I see absolutely no reason why friars should have the crush weapon line added.
  • adding crush line to friar would prob take 5 mins to do. no need to change spec pts or give unique crush styles, it would literally be copying/pasting some code. seems like the general view on this board is that we should either take away things, not add anything, even if adding certain things improves game play experience.
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    Do you literally know that literally all they need is five minutes to do this?

    Quite the presumption.

    Lots can be done to improve the gameplay experience, but it's hard to know what to even expect at this point.
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  • Should also have medium shields (and tic)
  • i would support giving friars a crush spec line as long as it doesn't give them extra spec points.

    i already get raped by some ( arguably it's only 2-3 of them) friars on my savage.
    Vicomtessa Muylasav, wildly swinging arms around. Vicomte Muylock, calling curses on enemies. Lord Muylaetrix, calling upon winter storms. some other chars with names starting with Muyl.
  • And Vamps Slash

    And Wardens 2 handed
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    And Vamps Slash

    And Wardens 2 handed

    @Carol_Broadsword fix quotes on mobile please.

    Don't you mean Celtic Spear?
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  • @Solivos what exactly would be the benefit? Without the procs the crush line only makes sense if you want to go very low weapon spec. And looking at the crush and staff line there is only one single reason to ask for crush and that is the crush anytime stun chain (4 seconds). This style is only good vs. pets, because vs. player rather use the direct 5 second side stun in staff. Any other style in the staff line is superior (back snare, after parry) or is already provided by the CL styles (after parry dehaste, anytimer).

    Should we really implement a full line just for a 4 second anytime stun chain?
  • Looking at the dmg tables, i dont believe this would be worth it.

  • the reason why i suggested it was because ive seen prob 80 percent of endgame friars running around with a shield and one hander. obviously this play style is desired due to i assume more stats (plus healing and such) and on a shield, and the passive 5 percent base chance to block (modified by dex). since many friars willingly run this weapon configuration, i just thought by giving them access to crush spec it would allow them to do a little extra damage. now of course they can just swap to a staff and do damage, so theres that argument as well, but giving them crush would just open a alternative play style that doesnt add anything new but doesnt suddenly overpower them.
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