Great 3 way Battle at Berk

Just wanted to say i really enjoyed the berk GK fight tonight. We must have battled 45 mins it seemed or longer. I definitely didnt think we would overcome and win due to the fact we were like chickens with our heads cut off. Nice numbers there with albs and hibs. Thx to Dirty for running the bg and getting it going.

Ev was fun also. Got to love those HT fights ;)


  • Honestly, its good to have something to fight. No matter who wins or losses.
  • Yeah ! I was on my healer with 5 guildies , its was totally crazy !!
  • I saw you running out of the castle with somes theurg pet in your $#% i have used confusion on them . :wink:
  • Nice. Yeah at one point I think I had all them on me. lol. I figured the bonus would have been a lot higher. Hope todays fights are just as fun.
  • I had a blast defending with my cleric! The bonus was indeed lackluster but I must have filled the skull quest 15-20 times!
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