Problem and possible fix for some crashes

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Hello, I have complained numerous times in game and on the forums about a very annoying bug of crashing when trying to shift+right click to switch weapons quickly in combat. I also occasionally would still crash from just doing normal right clicks or even switching from bow to mele (and using a mele style) all in rapid succession. A very super nice person, @Flik, was so kind as to inform me that there is a possible fix to this.

By going into the options screen and switching my buff bar from 10x4 to 7x3 it has seemed to prevent these crashes from happening. While I truly do appreciate @Flik for helping me with this, my big question to BS is why is this even a thing? Seriously? I should be able to run a 10x4 on my buff bars without it crashing my game while switching weapons or right clicking an item. I do love that I can now play the game and not die because of crashing to desktop while switching my weapon, but it also sucks that I can only see 21 of my buffs when I have 28 usually up. Now when I get sheared I have no idea for sure if I lost a buff or not, as it only shows my most recent buffs and charges and buries the rest.

Bug's like this are a big turn off for returning players as well as keeping existing players here. I was honestly thinking of "taking a break" myself over this. Now that I don't crash to desktop so often during fights I will likely stick around a bit longer, but I shouldn't have to choose between crashing or only being able to see a portion of my buffs that are up. Another fix that should be easy to remedy is the bug I mentioned with the Dream Conqueror band. If you switch out ANY bracer after you put up your Kings Boon buff it will drop the buff. So even when I switch out my non-dream conqueror band I still lose the buff. Why?! It makes no sense.

I realize that BS is doing ALOT right now to try and get more players active. I also realize that BS is working with limited resources, but bugs like these are a serious problem. I don't want to mention any other free servers out there, but when I played on one of the old ones I never had issues like this. I realize that they don't use the same code, I would still hope that an 18 year old game charging a monthly fee could fix some pretty basic long standing bugs and run a stable server. I'm not saying they should give up on F2P or other major developments, but I really wish they would focus ALOT more attention to making the server much more solid and not have so many minor/major bugs.
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