Beer Can Appreciation Day

Beer Can Appreciation Day recognizes the great day in 1935 when beer was first sold in cans.

Credit for the first beverage can goes to the Krueger Brewing Company of Richmond, Virginia. Made of steel and weighing in at almost 4 ounces, these hefty canisters opened with a church key.

The first beer produced in a can goes to Krueger Brewing Company of Richmond, Virgina but it was American Can Company that made canning drinkable beer possible.

* 1935 -Cone-Top – G. Heilemann Brewing Company – La Crosse, WI – Introduces cone-top cans which fit existing bottling lines convenient for small brewers with small budgets.

* 1963 -Pull Tab – Pittsburgh Brewing Company – Revolutionizes the beer can when it introduces Iron City Beer in self-opening cans with pull tabs, also known as pop tops. With their sharp edges, the pull tabs became the feared litter at beaches, parks, backyards and anywhere beverages were consumed.

* 1975 – Stay Tab- Falls City Brewing Company of Louisville, KY introduces the Stay Tab removing the pull tab’s environmental impact.

This day provides people with the opportunity to enjoy and appreciate the many different kinds of beer cans. Around the world, collectors seek rare, novel and unique varieties. A collector may have hundreds of beer cans in many different sizes, types and ages.
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