Quest glitch

I am trying finish the level 35 quest Wolf Daughter on mid. The quest goal is speak with Jonarra in West Skona. She will not speak with me. I have tried to give her Audosa's Journal and A Tattered and Torn Memoir, as well Broken Dragsonsworn Armor and Weapon patterns, nothing. Any insight or something I'm over looking or should I appeal?


  • I am sure you looked but is there a piece of text in the quest journal that you need to say would be ( text )
  • Yes I did, I tried the quest title, her name, the name of the mob and several other unsavory phrases I probably shouldn't post. There is nothing in the quest dialog in parentheses. Maybe I should try emotes...
  • Appeal it ingame please @Youeatbeans a CSR will take a look and help :)
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  • Actually this just happened to me as well she wont acknowledge me at all
  • Try candy and flowers?
  • Cheesy pick up lines?
  • /s dragonsworn
    if you /use the items you got from the named mobs it tells you what to say to her.
  • I did not try that! I will! I did try candy and flowers tho, and actually I thought i read the dropped items, I know I tried to use them while clicked on her and to give the to her.
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