Valewalkers got boned! (first post too!)

So, I wanted to transmog my Abagath Strider to a diff skin. Went online, purchased Mythiril, choose my weapon I want to copy and BANG! You cannot do this because it's thrust damage... No where does it say type damage..Thanks Broadsword!


  • I can see why you are upset, it is easy to overlook that detail. But it says that "only matching weapon type can share patterns" in the description. That basicly means that they have to have the same damage-/weapontype. I mean that restrictions makes a lot of sense once you think about it, especially if you think about elemental weapons etc.

    If you want to make sure not to buy a wrong pattern next time you can check the 1.123 Patchnotes, there is a very detailed description on how the pattern system works:
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  • I overlooked nothing. The description says "Only usable and matching weapon types can share patterns" so basically what this means is a scythe is a scythe is a scythe. So it wasn't an 'overlooked detail' at all. Why change it to thrust damage in the first place? VW's do not get an option to change their ugly behind Abagath weapon...Thank you, but no thank you on your response. Real money was spent and I was duped...
  • The linked Notes above also state that weapon dmg type has to be of the same type on both items...

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