Whats Your Favorite Battleground?

My all time favorite is Leirvik, not too much action (not lvlers) but enough to always be on your guard...running towers is fast XP plus you get 1k rp's every time you turn in the wood quest...great place to get rr4 before finally getting to 50. I also turn xp off at 44 and keep running towers to collect 5k BP's so i could ding 45 and just buy xp scrolls all the way to 50 and not having to go to the BG i hate the most (CV)


  • CV by far, emain layout, reminds me of OF ToA which was my favourite period in DAoC.
  • I like CV mainly because I really enjoyed that Old Frontiers style layout. I don't like it's keep position at all, and think it's hot garbage, but the setup actually flows people into each other whereas NF allows for too many pathways.
  • I prefer CV for battleground events. Caledonia isn't too bad but CV is better, too.
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