ALB EU PRIME TIME CURSE 1-8 8pm CET (berlin time)

On Thursday, 13. December 2018
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  • Ill be leading a curse raid from 1-8 tomorrow 8pm CET

    bg will be open 7:30 we move around 8:15

    get Quest from Selan at Camelot North Gate and finish dialogue with selan and the undead until you are at " Curse: Friendly Faces; investigate the dragon egg rumor in dartmoor"

    Port to snowdonia Castle and use dungeon channeler there to Catacombs of cordova there we meet

  • sorry the raid is at 13.12!!!!!!
  • tomorrow so?
    Aureola BloodWalker - Norseman - Shadowblade - RR11L2 - Lone Enforcer
    Gottesklinge BloodWalker - Briton - Infiltrator - RR10L0
    Goaum BloodWalker - Celt - Nightshade - RR5L0
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