Please fix Jordheim crashing issue

I am nearly at my limit here. This happens 3 out of 4 times I run through Jordheim. Why has this bug that halts game play making meeting up with groups virtually impossible at times when you get multiple crashes within minutes of each other all do to this one bug.

This isn't a single player issue this is causing issues for the entire realm. Any update on this or a date on when it will be hotfixed would be much appreciated.



  • We've mentioned that Patch (not hotfix) 1.125 will address some stability issues :)
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  • Hopefully the stability of Childe's Tomb will be a part of that.
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  • I hope so too I am tired of it crashing every time I go thru to train or port.
  • I find if I creep very slowly, and go the long way around past the cata entrance I make it through, I have noticed if I have my speed up, or sprint it makes the crashing more likely, if that helps
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  • I will try those tips and see if it helps, Thanks
  • For me it's always crashing in Tir Na Nog when I approach the porter. Usually right in front of the porter - especially if somebody just ported in front of me. It's an odd one that's for sure. I did experience the Mid one as well.
  • Carol that isnt acceptable, when its crashing your game like this...why is it ALL gaming companys like Blizzard or EA or any game that has a problem like this, they fix immediately and not wait for the next patch...why hasnt this been fixed within hours of being found?
  • bump...just forget going to eagirhamn for now on LOL
  • It is being worked on and will be fixed as soon as possible.
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  • I noticed when playing Midgard the npc's disappear quite often compared to Hibs which wasn't that often
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