Any one got a good alb guild for returning player?

Wife and I just returned from 2 year brake; we are looking for alb guild that plays late a night (- 9 UTC Alaska time): wife and I tend to run stealth duo (got ok scout/mini/inif and she has inf/scout) but i'm on often by myself. We both have at least 1 of every class at lvl 50 and also multiple copies of every class at lvl 39 (when nights are slow). We have discord/vent/ts whatever, and love to use them (typing is slow, and "inc" is normally to little info).

We also have hunter/sb and ranger/ns on other realms as well as 4-5 rvr readyish vissys on hib and mid; but I started on alb in 2003 kind of just stuck with it.

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  • SymSym
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    Based on what I see out at that play time. I think Upon a Pale Horse May be a good pick. It’s usually pretty slim picking at that time but definitely some stealth Zerg presence. Duo stealth prolly all you need to do well.


  • Thanks sym! I don't know about a stealth Zerg (the player count drops to 30 or so at that time of night) but I will definitely check in with pale house and see if the have any people on. It doesn't have to be stealth either, I have fun running small man's too at that time of day.
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