Live Server Maintenance and 1.124D Hot Fix Notes

Update 10:40 AM EST / 3:40 PM GMT: Ywain, Gaheris, and Pendragon are now open to all players!

Ywain, Gaheris, and Pendragon will be coming down tomorrow, February 13th, at 5:45 AM EST / 10:45 AM GMT to perform some additional server maintenance.

Estimated downtime is no more than 8 hours.

These 1.124D hot fix notes will be live when the servers return:


  • Love and bonuses are in the air!

  • Pets and pet-based classes have received much-warranted attention!

  • Improved Mercenary and Hunter RR5s!

  • Assassin and several other class changes abound!

  • Item changes and bug fixes, galore!
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