Life on Gaheris

Hail and well met all,

So, I'm a returning Gaheris player and in the two weeks I've been back I think I've seen 3 real players.

How do folks get things done on Gaheris nowadays? I have my 50 Merc who got his class armor, (Ember Shadows), has his full kit out of spell crafted stuff, etc.

However, my other characters are all sub 40... so is there any way to get their top end, class armor, spell crafted stuff, etc? Or is it just drops/quest rewards until you hit 50 and can get the Epic stuff for the Champion quests?

I see some posts for dungeon runs of one sort or another, but overall, is it mostly a solo game on Gaheris? Can folks still get crafted / spell crafted gear, (other than taking those trades up on their own)?

Thank you for your time and help.

Take care,


  • Gaheris is basically dead. I'm not even sure why the server is still open. You will be the only one logged on about 95% of the time. You will have to do everything by yourself. I think the only way to be successful on Gaheris nowadays is if you ran an 8 person macro group by yourself.

    Ywain is your only option at this point in DAoC's life.
  • Part of the problem is that there hasn’t been a change to gaheris in near forever, and MMO’s that don’t change die away. I would like to see towers added to NF (the pathing already exists for then anyway, which is annoying at present). Throw a few mobs in them that drop a few seals. I know I haven’t played in a few months partially out of boredom and partially because I’m mad about losing access to catacombs loot tables. I resubbed to expel some bounty points before the parch and see what all 1.125 has to offer when it drops.

    Another problem is for instance the cursed stuff. Its just too difficult for our population size so the server halfway missed out on that content...
  • Rokal, you will not be the only one on Gaheris 95% of the time, its just the time of day/night when you get on...I agree that it is not very active at all, but me being an active player there knows that it is still there, it is hard to find ppl that do crafted stuff anymore, but they are there and again it has to do with the time of day/night as to when u can get crafted stuff and same with other items....but we are there, oh and there are alot that go afk like its a hobby lol
  • I tried gaheris a few years ago. It was all macro groups doing keeps. Soloing the low keeps on my pally friar or spear valk got old fast. After you have killed everything 1000 times its just not fun anymore. Coupled with the fact that many of the bugs on that server are the cathal valley lord bug for over a year. I used to log on for the raids.
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