Infiltrator cursed set Toa stat caps

I would like to ask why infiltrator cursed set offers 10dex cap on chest and 5dex cap on arms? I understand that dex helps if you are thrust spec but what if we like to go for slash? Compared to Shadowblade's set (10str cap on chest and 5str cap on arms which is logic since sb has only access to slash damage) or to Nightshade's set (10str cap on chest and 5dex cap on arms) i think infiltrator isn't in the same place or even balanced compared to other 2 assassins. I believe we should either have the same ToA stat caps like nightshade , which also is a class that has access to thrust/slash weapons.

I dont know if this has been adressed and and if yes i would like to apologise for that and my poor english, thanks !
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