Valewalker style changes

**Repost from Hibernian melee (since, probably, no one ever reads that thread).**


I was wondering if any consideration was on the table regarding changes to valewalker styles for the upcoming patch. My main concern is with the opening style in the evade chain; it is a fairly useless style.

Also, is it unreasonable to ask for a reduction in the reuse timer for the pbaoe haste buff from 90s to 60s?

Has there been any talk of adjusting how resist rates for style procs will work? I know right now that the resist rate is affected by style level and the level of the target it is used against. It just sucks that there’s a crazy high resist rate on blizzard blade if I don’t run MoF5 or higher. That’s a lot of realm skill points!

Thanks for your time.
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