Want a house? There are more lots than you may think

This took me a while to find, as it was never mentioned in any of the documentation I looked at. My experience is with Albion, but it seems a safe bet that this applies to Midgard and Hibernia as well.

As soon as you enter your realm's housing area, there is a message board and a cluster of NPCs. Look for the one tagged Merchant: they're carrying a bunch of tokens. Each token represents an entirely different housing zone. By a token with a nice sounding name, they're free. Take it around the corner to the Retired Consignment Merchant, and hand it over. Poof! You are out of the default zone and in a brand new zone with a different 100 lots. Returning the main realm is a snap: just exit the zone as you normally would by crossing the border, gating to your bindstone, whatever.

Altogether, each realm has nine housing zones, the default plus eight more. Get the right zone, and a nice cottage by the lake or near the district market can be had for a pittance.


  • It turns out that the nine housing zones border one another: you could, if you wanted, run from one to another. I want to say that when I last played 14 years ago, there was only the one zone, which is where my confusion came from.
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