Character transfer from YwainX to YwainZ?

I foolishly set up my characters on Ywain4, due to the notice everywhere that "Ywain4 has the most housing." I finally got enough gold together to buy a lot, and there is not a single Albion lot to be had. Not. One. Foolish, because everyone who wanted housing was going to set up on Ywain4.

So I would like to transfer my toons to a different server. When I try to use /freexfer server, I get a message that I am not eligible for a transfer. Every website I've read, including all of the official ones, do not mention any kind of limitation, just do this to transfer a character, and do something first if you are moving from an archived to an active server. Is there a step I need to take, or some other kind of limitation that no one has bothered to publish? I really, really do not want to just abandon all the work I've already put in.


  • Correct!
    You cant transfer a YwainX to another - Ywain X. Only to test server.
    There should be free lots. It's not that many subscribers.

    You search for empty command when you are in housing zone with
    /houseloc 1<enter>
    ... repeat

    But sure. It would be really nice if you COULD transfer your YwainX char to another YwainX. :)
  • I finally figured out how to move to the other housing zones. Caerwent on Ywain4 is packed full: there is one vacant lot, but it was recently repoed and the price is in plat. Sarum, Dalton, the other zones... quaintly rural and plenty of free space at rock-bottom prices. See my other post on how to reach them.
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