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My effort to skill up on alchemy has hit a roadblock: the only category with any items in it is cloth dyes. Everything else is greyed out and cannot be opened. I have been accepted to the alchemists society, and I'm at skill 90. The highest ranked item is brown cloth dye, nothing else. I've checked on two computers, and both have this seeming bug. The character I'm training is a cleric, but all of my other toons have the same issue. Am I missing something?


  • go to trainer to unlock the next tier 100 to 200
  • Grot wrote: »
    go to trainer to unlock the next tier 100 to 200

    you dont have to do that anymore. I leveled a new alchi like 3 weeks ago. Besides that the tiers did not affect the items that were shown to you, it only capped your skill at 100 etc.

    @TechBear I`ve never heard of that bug, I would suggest to make an ingame appeal and wait for a CSR, maybe he can reset your toon.
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  • Yah, that is odd. Should be able to make dyes all the way to 1100.
  • the 90's at each level hit a block, while you no longer have to see your trainer, the new "set" of dyes won't show until you hit the next 100. So from 90-100 I think you have to do blues, then at 100 bang like 40 new dyes show up con all the way to red with some yellows, then the same at 190/200, 290/300, etc.
  • Yup, I was impatient. Sorry about that, I'm up where I want to be now. Thanks for the help.
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