BD group spec

Wondering what is the preferred BD spec for group (8) in the typical mid hybrid spirit train (RM, SM, BD)?

I've seen the 40 dark 36 supp spec a lot, I suppose it's for max damage while keeping the lich pet.

Also, are the Lich and Guardian equivalent, or the lich is superior because of the snare nuke? I could see the spirit debuff from the guardian be useful too.

What other specs are good and why?

I've been toying with the charplanner and kind of came up with these specs

- 44 dark / 31 supp / 4 BA (Lich pet, best DD totem for pet clears)
- 41 supp / 34 dark / 8 BA (guardian pet, best damage, 2nd best DD totem for pet clears)
- 50 supp / 15 BA / 13 dark (I guess this is more a solo spec)

Curious mainly about the Lich vs. Guardian pet in a group setup.

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