Haxchap's Basic Returning Player Templates

I've uploaded all my old temps from around the time Class Cloaks were released. Basically if anyone is struggling for plat or needs budget temps for alts then these will probably be a nice alternative for you.

Hardest item will generally be OW Helm but rest is quite standard.

These temps could also be used as a base to expand upon as a few of the class cloaks aren't necessary on certain classes but with it all being new at the time, I temped it on everything.



  • Just a tip for people - check that an item doesn't exist in a slightly altered form.

    For example, I have a Hallowed Shield on my Hib caster - a version exists with almost all of the same stats that is 2p instead of 90p - you just need to work around it. Always ask around, and look up items in the DAoCUtils.com database and you might find some work arounds to commonly expensive items.
  • Aurelite chest armor is same stats as freezing for 80% less
    Symonde (Cleric)
    Symfriar (Friar duh)
    Symsorc (Double duh)
    Sympets (Theurg)
    Symmond (Arms)
    Some random mids and hibs
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