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Carol...Is there a way to implement a switch server button at the character select screen? Of course I'm talking same realm. For example, if I log into my normal toons (Y5) but want to play my toon on y4 because we all have a ton of toons now, why can't I do that versus logging all the way out and back in?


  • Hiya :) We talked about this in a GB earlier in the year:

    In a previous grab bag you talked about the realm section button for switching realms but what about making a server select button. So that way we don't have to log out completely to select a different server Like Ywain1 or Ywain2?

    Re-working our login and server-select flow has been on our list for quite a while! The reason it hasn’t happened yet is a simple one: it’s quite involved. Luckily, we’ve been making head-way on this and hope to have a new flow around the release of the Endless Conquest this fall!
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  • That sounds like it would be a much appreciated QOL adjustment long over due.
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  • Not trying to be toxic or whatever, but someone could literally put a 10 minute montage together of this same response.

    "On our list. Very tough to do. We are trying."

    I offered to do a GoFundMe for a developer for hire to work on community QoL things and was flat denied. I'll put the offer here again. You hire them. You vet them. You tell them what to work on. We'll pay for it. You need some programming talent over there and its not very expensive. 4,247,342 apps have been developed and deployed in the world in the time it would have taken to fix small things like a realm button. It's been done on other non-official launchers for this game. It's possible....... Let us help if its a man-power issue??!
  • Doesn't Mojo offer something similar to this? You need to quit out of the client but the launch list spans different Ywains, etc.
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