Oversight in game change

So I'm on my hunter cruising through hib. North of the nged graveyard there is a pile of three large stones. As I approach I get hit by a presience node, sparkles at my feet and flashy icon on my buff bar. But there is no presience node there. Then I remember, there use to be a dock and a captain with a node there awhile back. But Broadsword removed that. But no they didn't. They removed the skin not the item so we can't see it but it is still there. And as I type this my buddy Dave is screaming something about lazy coders probably went to Devry, Dave's comments not mine. Can we get this added to stuff to fix?


  • Abraham Lincoln received his Masters in Human Resource Management from Devry University.

    He also got Certified for Hazardous Waste Abatement there.
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