Midgard Curse 1-8 / (1am CET) (12am UK) (7pm EST) (6pm CST) (4pm PST)

On Monday, 21. May 2018
Midgard Curse 1-8

BG will be on (Korslok)

START: (1am CET) (12am UK) (7pm EST) (6pm CST) (4pm PST)

1) Speak to Roshak at the NE corner of the kings hall in jordheim and start your quest.

2) You will have the quest ( [Curse] History, Honor, and Dragons )

3) Port to Vindsaul Faste and speak with the Dungeon Expeditionary. Port to Varulvhamn and wait for the BG.

4) If you can't figure it out http://darkageofcamelot.com/article/dragons-curse-campaign-chapter-1 use this link
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