What are the must haves for a returning player?


Returning to game after many years away. I have some 50's and some mid 40's, what are the things I must know and do to catch up for 50 rvr world. Example for my hunter/skald - what weapons must I get?



  • I think hallowed and freezing weapons are usually the top right now, but if you are smart with your template you probably don’t need it. If you solo a lot you may want to have 230 delve heal proc on your armor that you get from cursed armor and OW armor (ch9-10). GMOV used to be a good item due to HOT /use but it got nerfed to 7% where there’s tons of cheap items that give you 5%. I would say as a skald it’s pretty easy to template as you just want to max damage and survivability.

    Most stealthers want cursed gear since stealthers in this game spend 1000+ plat to get the last inch of advantage. But realistically, skill and realm abilities win. Also most stealth run in groups of 4-15 these days so even if you have a great template you will lose to numbers.
    Symonde (Cleric)
    Symfriar (Friar duh)
    Symsorc (Double duh)
    Sympets (Theurg)
    Symmond (Arms)
    Some random mids and hibs
  • There is free gear in the throne rooms on each realm. It's decent enough to use for coming back and for doing the quests to get better gear. Most of the best gear currently comes from the Curse PVE campaign and the Otherworld PVE campaign. Get the free gear on your level 50 and use it to run those quest lines for the better gear. The basic free gear is OK for basic zerg RVR but you'll want to upgrade ASAP.

    OW can be done by a group or 2. Curse you will need to watch for a BG.
    Find a template for your class ahead of time to make sure you pick the correct item rewards from these quests (many offer a choice of items and they are only once per toon so you want to pick gear you'll need). Keep what you need for your template and sell anything extra you get for plat.

    If you don't have MLs yet on your character ask in region and someone will probably donate them to you with bounty points.You'll also need to get CL15 (up from CL10 years ago). Make sure your CL is activated (talk to king). The OW and curse PVE campaigns give decent CL XP.
  • Thanks for all the info so far, what is cursed?
  • Kittoness wrote: »
    Thanks for all the info so far, what is cursed?

    Cured is the name of the most recent PVE campaign Its a set of quests in a line (some require a battle group to complete) that have top tier rewards. (best items currently in game). People use "cursed" to refer to the armor that drops in this campaign and to refer to the quests themselves depending on the context.
  • It really depends on what you are wanting to play and how you want to play it @Kittoness. If you are going to play a solo then I would say the usual charges people use are the 2x 250 albalatives, at least one 10% mele resist charge, the OW 5% hp/af cap charge, the dream conquerer 5% hp/af cap charge, and most either run class cloak/shades of mist or they run OW cloak with disarm. Those are what I run on my ranger. Most also run the ghostly necklace with high end hot charge and cursed blood gauntlets for 25% on combat heal.

    If you're running group and zerg then you may only use a couple of those charges. Of course a healer or support may run some charges that improve heals or feedback on cc.
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