Rangers tips 2018 wanted


Iam starting to play my ole ranger again and ive come back from a brake and a few things are new.

1. The Archery rework, whats used now adays? Standard shot and Crit shot doesnt seem very good anymore and do you use the heat or the energy one?

2. Blades or Pierce? i went Pierce due to the fact that iam a Luri and since i have very low RR i dont see myself getting much to spend into CD.

3. Spec and progression, i find that my melee lacks a bit i was wondering if its a good idea to lower archery to get more points into cd because i find pierce and blades very lack luster. What are some of the good specs for pre-RR5 rangers?


  • 1. I actually use crit and standard and never use the elemental shots myself. I know some who don't use crit and only use power and I know some use heat/poison shot instead of standard. You have to find what works best for you.

    2. Most go blades due to being positive dmg to all mid stealthers amd neutral to all alb stealthers. I use pierce because I run leggies in my main hand to switch elemental dmg to whatever that class is weak to and the main reason I run pierce is to run the mephitic fang in my off hand. Only diseass proc mele weapon i know of.

    3. I run all cd styles for me mele. The main 3 I use are the frontal 16% haste debuff (use it as my anytime style), the side stun, and the frontal root.

    As far as spec, there are so many that work. You need to play around and see what works best for you.
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